MAQUIPAPEL works in close cooperation with chinese Cangzhou based company TIANSHENG,  and is managed for a professional young staff with solid training, supported by an experienced international team.

We are totally commited with servicing, good skills in logistics, highly supported in technical issues and pro-efficient in sales management and post-sale servicing.

Through our strong presence in the manufacturing units we can ensure your product will fulfill your requirements also ours. We love to be in the production site, contributing, checking, sharing experiences to be pass to our customers. That’s MAQUIPAPEL.

Cangzhou Office is managed by Jack Yan, He will be pleased to receive your calls (english please) Monday to Saturday – 9 to 21 hours China time –  or fill in our CONTACT FORM (english – spanish ). It asks for some few data, also a small task for avoid spamming, will take a short time to you.

MOBILE PHONE Jack Yan (China) : 0086-1823-2860-906